The Marvel Comic Book Mystery Box Review

The comic book mystery box is a novel way to really get your hands on a lot of various kinds of comics. While they aren’t cheap, they do provide a good amount of bang for your buck. Plus, in addition they come with a few extras that you won’t find elsewhere, like an extremely rare Christmas comic book. They’re also a great self-gift for somebody who loves comics. And the fact they’re shipped to your door on the standard is really a nice bonus.

Most mystery boxes are sent in bulk, causing some truly unique and random items. However, this company provides a smattering of the very popular items in a monthly shipment that will pique the interest of any comic book aficionado. Unlike many subscriptions, they really enable you to pick and pick the comics you would like, letting you re-order them and never having to wait before the end of the month. You may also have your box shipped to your doorstep in as low as 1 week, that will be great if you’re expecting a gift in a hurry.

It’s no secret that Marvel comics are some of the greatest on the market, and this mystery box is no exception. In reality, you’ll be getting a collection of some of the very most memorable comics from the Silver Age of comics, including Spider-Man, Black Panther, and Iron Man. Not just that, but you’ll also get a few cool toys as well. When you yourself have a little extra to invest, you may even opt for a box filled with signed comics that may have you covered for the foreseeable future.

The Marvel Marvel Select mystery box is an intensify from the typical mystery box, offering more comics and goodies. In addition to picking a four comics, you’ll get selection of trinkets, stickers, and small toys. Better yet, you’ll be able to snag a few of the very most interesting comics inside their first printings, ensuring you’ll have a number of the rarest comics available for quite a while to come.

While this mystery box may be a bit more expensive than you had planned on, it comes with the most cool perks you can imagine. To begin with, you’ll be given a cool mystery box of Marvel comics, due to the nice folks at Heroes Tower. You’ll also get some wacky, geeky goodies on top of that, like stickers, belts, room decor, and more. That’s a lot of fun to express the least!

As you can tell from their name, the Comic Garage is about value. Each month, they’ll send you a curated selection of new comics, back issues, and more, plus a few extras that you can’t find anywhere else. Their subscriptions are given in two flavors, one for novices and another for more advanced comic book fans. Both are perfect for people who are trying to expand their comic book collections without breaking the bank. Just make sure you order by the fifth of the month if you’re hoping to have your box arrive at your doorstep before the conclusion of the month.


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