Car Rental Service in Djoungolo Yaoundé by CAMEROUN LIMOUSINE

CAMEROUN LIMOUSINE provides 24 hour and 7 days per week Car rental in Djoungolo Yaoundé ;.To utilize our services, you should present a valid driver’s license or other identity document, and also a valid reservation voucher. It can be necessary to bring your charge card with sufficient credit limit to guarantee the rental. Besides, you should avoid being late. If your flight is delayed, inform the automobile rental company when possible. Moreover, ensure you browse the contract carefully and add the equipment that you need.

Car rental service in Djoungolo Yaoundé

If you’re visiting Djoungolo Yaoundé, you possibly can make your travel arrangements easily by renting a vehicle from a car rental service. However, it is very important to check on the terms and conditions of the rental contract. Some rental services may restrict the number of miles you can drive each day. Also, you should check if the automobile has any visible defects.

When picking right up your car, make sure to bring your driver’s license, IDP (identification document), and reservation voucher with you. In case you are paying with a credit card, you should ensure that you’ve sufficient credit to cover the deposit. Remember to reach on time and to inform the rental service if you should be late. Browse the contract carefully and ensure you add any equipment that you need.

Some car rental services offer pick-up and return service. You must return the automobile with a full tank. If you return the automobile having an empty tank, you is going to be charged. Otherwise, you can opt for full-tank rental.

We are available 24 Hours / 7 Days a week

CAMEROUN LIMOUSINE provides car rental services in Djoungolo Yaound, Cameroon. The organization has several rental locations across Cameroon, rendering it possible to find a car rental that suits your needs. You can hire a small car or a deluxe SUV for your trip. Both forms of cars have different advantages. For example, an SUV is perfect for exploring the countryside. You may also opt for a comfortable mid-size sedan or perhaps a full-size sedan. With respect to the rental company, you can hire a vehicle from as low as $60 per day. For this price, you can hire an Economy Suzuki Swift or perhaps a mid-size sedan.

Through your trip, you can select from a pick-up and return option. With the latter, you can return your car with full tank of gas. To prevent paying significantly more than you used, you can refuel your car at a local gas station before returning it to the automobile rental company. The rental company will only charge you for the quantity of fuel you use, thus the price per gallon is cheaper.


CAMEROUN LIMOUSINE specializes in providing high-class car rentals in Cameroon. They give you a wide variety of vehicles to suit any taste and budget. They accept both bank cards and cash for rental payments. Additionally they offer private and corporate car services.

The agency accepts bank cards and a driver’s license. It is very important presenting a credit card with the same name as the person renting the car. The charge card should have sufficient funds to cover the deposit and insurance excess. The total amount authorized is dependent upon the duration of the rental, age and size of the vehicle.

The price tag on a Cameroun limo service varies depending on the type of vehicle. The absolute most luxurious models may cost as much as $250,000 and have V8 HEMI engines. You may also reserve a unique event bus.


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